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Mighty Masterpieces

Preparing children (and their parents) to enter kindergarten with confidence!


Mighty Masterpieces Class Overview

As nurturing parents, you want to see your children flourish in every way.  So how do you adequately prepare them for one of life’s biggest milestones, the first day of Kindergarten? 


With the opening of schools currently undecided, Mighty Masterpieces online Pre-K class is designed to teach children a range of skills which will not only foster a love of learning, but prepare them to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. Parents of children enrolled will be able to participate in bi-monthly sessions with the instructor which will provide guidance and support during these changing times. 


Discussion topics will be pertinent to raising young children and strengthening the family unit and will include discipline, helping children learn to read, the importance of establishing traditions, children and technology, and kindergarten readiness.

Five Domains of Development

Kids Running

Mastering physical skills are important for growth, coordination and the movement of the body.  Indoor and outdoor activities developing both gross and fine motor skills will be provided.

Kid Piling Blocks

These skills will be developed through problem-solving, puzzle and game activities, asking questions, developing an increased attention span, understanding cause and effect, creating and testing hypotheses.

Teacher and Kids in Library

Children will practice these skills during each class meeting, learning to take turns, support their friends, and cooperate with others.  Emotionally, they will be encouraged to recognize and understand their own feelings and those of other people.

Kids Reading Outdoor

Language and literacy are critical to a child’s success in school and life.  Communicating verbally, reading and writing will be heavily emphasized through interactive story reading, games, telling stories, learning letters and their sounds, sight words, written letter practice.

Kids Making Breakfast

Self-care and related skills will be taught, such as safe food handling, following school rules, making friends, avoiding danger, practicing social skills, and taking responsibility for one’s actions.

Art Fun

What parents are saying...

The impact of this class and Mrs. Chisum's teaching is widespread and has made our family stronger


Wendy L.



Diane Chisum has taught preschoolers for over 25 years.  For 14 of those years she was director, overseeing daily activities, staff, curriculum planning and budget. 


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