Kid's Space

Virtual Kinder Prep

Image by Jerry Wang

Pre-School Enrollment Includes the Following:

  • 3 - 45-minute virtual live class sessions

    • Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday 9am PST / 11am CST / 12pm EST

  • Weekly 15-minute one-on-one child-teacher interaction 

  • Bi-monthly 45-minute group parent-coaching and enrichment session

  • Open enrollment throughout the school year (until we reach maximum capacity) 


Fun Activities

& Recipes 


Earth Day Project - April 22

Here’s an Earth Day activity you can do with your family: Grow a pine tree!

1. Put a pine cone in a small pot so that most of it stands out.
2. Pour a small amount of water on it every day. Excess water will rot the cone.
3. After some time (1-3 weeks) a tiny tree will sprout.
4. Now you can place soil under and around the pine cone. Use moss and decorative rocks on top
of soil. Water regularly.
5. Congratulations! You have just started oxygen production!


Dinosaur Eggs

1-cup all-purpose flour
1-cup used coffee grounds (if grounds are moist, use a little less water)
1.2 cup salt
¼ c. sand or dirt
1/2-cup water (or less if coffee grounds are moist)
4-5 small plastic dinosaurs
Large mixing bowl
Metal tray
Hammer and safety goggles

Combine dry ingredients and mix thoroughly.
Stir in water slowly until it’s the consistency of bread dough. It’s ready when able to squish the mixture in
your hand and it stays together.
Break off a piece the size of a baseball.
Roll into an oval and make a hole in the center big enough to put the dino in.
Seal with extra dough and form an egg shape.
Let egg air dry 2-3 days. Turn them over after a day or two. They will be hard and dry when done. Or,
bake 15-20 minutes at your oven’s lowest setting.
When eggs are dry, go outside with a hammer (safety goggles on) and crack open the dinosaur egg.