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Parents, are you having a temper tantrum over your child's temper tantrum?  

Do you need to tell your child to do something ten times and raise your voice before they'll listen?

Do you need some solid parenting encouragement instead of scrolling through endless google searches?

Do you just need a little extra guidance figuring out this parenting thing?   


I've been a Parent Educator for 24 years and would love to support you in restoring peace, tranquility and FUN back into your family.  Coaching is offered for parents of children ages birth through 18. Packages are available and meetings will take place every two weeks, giving parents time to implement techniques we've discussed.  The first step is scheduling your free Insight Call.  This will be a time to discover the next steps and how I might serve you.  If you choose to schedule coaching, you may select from the following:

  • One time 60-minute session:  $90

  • Package 1:  Three 45-minute sessions meeting every other week:  $200

  • Package 2:  Five 45-minute sessions meeting every other week:  $335